A little owl tale

Our new home is pretty much surrounded by woods. A couple of days ago we explored the area a bit and drove a 1 hour loop to find beautiful places for nature walks and hikes. We were just about to end our little drive. It was already late afternoon and getting dark as the sun sets here at around 4ish. So there was not that much light available no more but I spotted a silhouette of about a football size perching in the trees. We quickly turned, drove by again and my eyes didn’t trick me. So here begins a little owl tale.

Ural owl (Strix uralensis)

Needless to say that I was excited on that brief meeting with that owl. As said light conditions weren’t in my favor but I was pretty sure that I was looking at an ural owl (Strix uralensis).

Last weekend my wife and I decided to explore the area again to find some walking trails. Of course I still had my owl friend in my head and therefore left the house with a hidden agenda. My wife was driving so I was able to screen the surroundings. We stopped at multiple sites to explore the woods and found beautiful nature trails. On the way back we again drove through the area where we spotted the owl a few days ago. However those woods are so large that I estimated my chances of an other encounter as fairly low. Was this the end of a little owl tale?

A little owl tale continues

Fortunately not. A was able to manage to spot my friend perching of a tree well hidden in the woods. As we couldn’t stop the car anywhere we had to drive quite some time down until we managed to turn. While turning a car from the Polish border patrol (we are living maybe 30mins from the Ukrainian border) approached us from the back and followed us. We had to pass the owl site again to turn at the next possible chance. I think you might already guess what was going to happen next. Exactly, we were stopped by the border patrol friendly asking us if we are lost and need help. Since my Polish still is like on level zero my wife stepped in and said: “No we are ok, we are just looking for an owl”. I think for one second the officer was a bit confused so he asked whether we consider crossing the border. So my wife said: “No no, we are living just around the corner”. Since we still have our license plates from Warsaw the officer was getting a bit nervous, so my wife said: “We live in Rybotycze”. The officer started smiling saying that he also lives in Rybotycze and if we are the ones that just bought the house. So all was cool after that. We had a small chat and then followed up on a little owl tale.

Waiting for me

While driving back towards the owl, it was quite difficult to find the bird again. But luckily we did. It was still perching on the same exact tree but when it saw our car stopping started flying into the woods. Luckily I was able to get a shot or two before that. However I believed to have the owl lost for the day and as I dind’t want to chase it we decided to return back home. Just as we hit the road again, we met again. The owl was perching so nicely and visible just from the road as it would have waited for me. I took a couple of shots before she vanished into the dark forest.

Thanks for reading

I hope you enjoyed a little owl tale. Here some photos I manage to take and having said that the picture is not the important part here but the meeting with this special animal. I hope we will meet again my dear owl friend.

ural owl - an owl tale
ural owl - an owl tale
ural owl - an owl tale
ural owl - an owl tale

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