Back to nature

Van Gogh said:

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.

As I child I was seeing all the beauty surrounding me. I spent so much time in the woods exploring your hidden treasures my beloved mother nature. A fire inside me was burning to soak up all the things you were teaching me. Over the years however you and those things have fallen into oblivion and the fire inside me has turned into a small flame. At one point in my life the flame almost has lapsed as darkness has spread. But you have not given up on me by sending me signs. It took and still takes me sometimes a while to interpret those but you have raised the phoenix from the ashes and re-ignited the fire inside me. Today I ask you to take me as your apprentice, to guide me and teach me. Show me the way back to nature.

Thank you my beloved mother – I bow to the divine in you.

Join me on my way back to nature and follow me on my adventures that mother nature has prepared for me.

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